In 1920, there were only 1.68 billion of us. In 1950, there were 2.5 billion of us. In 1975, there were 4.0 billion of us. In 2011, we will reach 7.0 billion people worldwide. And in 2025, we will reach 8.0 billion of us consuming more energy and resources per capita than ever before.

Can we really keep on building our buildings the same way as before?

Thinking outside the box...

The major cost of any building structure is not the total material cost of the building. Between 60% and 80% of building cost (depending on local market) is the labor cost of construction. This labor-to-material cost ratio is much higher than any modern products in other industries. Productivity growth in the building industry has lagged behind the times. Incremental improvement in building products will not bring about the productivity we need to shelter the population of today or tomorrow.

So, we must think outside the box for transformative solutions that will enable us to build faster, better, far cheaper, and more sustainably.

Tellus has been doing its part in looking outside the box for solutions during the last eight years. And finally, we stumbled on a revolutionary solution of our own in tune with nature- that all complex structures are actually made of many small, basic, simple and elegant components. Tellus Component System, our flagship solution for today and tomorrow's housing demand, is engineered according it... where every pound of material is efficiently put to use in an energy-efficient design.

How will we shop, design, and build our buildings tomorrow in one high-tech world?

We think it will get alot more web-interactive with the buyers having more control over the design and building process than it is today. Internet, global economy, and rapid adoption technologies has already begun driving our world toward this direction.

Join our network... to profit and to better our world.

We are looking to work with investors. architects, builders, developers, innovators and NGOs who want to profit and help solve real problems in housing. Together, we can benefit through collaborations in our network and better our world. Leave us an email.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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